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Friday, September 10, 2010
SmokeLong Dog Collars?

I signed in to check our editors email account this morning and found this treasure in our inbox. The dog collar photos he sent were actually pretty fashionable. I like the slightly dominatrix-y leather one here with the diamond heart. Would look good on a pug!

Dear Sir/Ms,
Good day!
I have visit your website and learn you are selling lots of fashional designs of dog and cat collars, leashes,metal accessories , I really think that is an opportunity for us to cooperate. I beg you some munites for my points.
We are a hardware and leather products manufacturer in China-----Kungming hardware and leather factory, for the leather dog and cat collars ,leashes , we both have these products in our products range , but you know, we can make it with much lower cost in China, and we always make high quality things ,you will have impression if we work together , then you will get more profits ,don't you think it is a good thing for both of us ?
We also make metal accessories ,such as collar buckles ,hooks ,collar rivets ,dog tags and pendants and slide charms, we have more than one thousands designs. I have seen you are using slider letters ,we do have more than fifty designs for your choice ,for collar rivets ,I really think you can use them on your collars then your collars will look much personalizing , how do you think ?
Please kindly visit our website (Deleted) , you will see our catalog on the page ,and if you want higher resolution pictures or you are interest in any of our items ,please let me know I will send you more details .
I am sure this will be a good thing for both of us , please take it under serious consideration , I am looking forward to hearing from you soon ,thank you.
Best Regards!
posted by Tara Laskowski at 5:47 AM  1 comments


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

I would wear a smokelong dog collar.


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