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Friday, March 25, 2005
SmokeLong interviews featured at Laura Hird
SmokeLong's interviews with Kay Sexton and Beverly Jackson are currently featured in Laura Hird's Small Press Roundup.
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"He Wrote Sixteen Pencils Empty" featured on Riley Dog
Daphne Buter's He Wrote Sixteen Pencils Empty, published in the most recent issue of SmokeLong, is featured today at Riley Dog.
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Thursday, March 17, 2005
"Metallic" featured on Riley Dog
Ellen Parker's Metallic, published in Issue Three of SmokeLong featured today in Riley Dog, one of the electronic lit world's best friends and ablest promoters.
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
E Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners
Sarah Hall - author of Mann Booker short-listed novel The Electric Michelangelo - was the judge for the E Short Story and Poetry (ESSP) contest in 2005, run by Word Market. First Prize Short Story went to Gill Nicholson of Ulverston for Afterwards, runner up was Acorns and Conkers by SmokeLong author Kay Sexton of Hove.

This is Kay's third runner up prize for fiction in the past twelve months and one of her 2005 resolutions is to win at least one contest this year, rather than taking second place.
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"The Evil B.B. Chow and Other Stories" available for pre-ordering
From Amazon: Steve Almond, the bestselling writer who took us on a cross-country journey to reveal his long love affair with chocolate in Candyfreak (and who appeared in Issue Four of SLQ) returns with his second accomplished short-story collection The Evil B.B. Chow and Other Stories. Once again he has produced a funny, bracing, sometimes shocking, always imaginative collection of stories and characters: a young magazine editor enduring a bizarre blind date; a couple who are sure that they have been given implants by space aliens; a young boy desperate to please his father with his baseball prowess, who ends up fatally wounding another boy during a game; a creative-writing teacher struggling to resist his seductive student.

With tremendous heart and an unmatchable wit, Almond proves--as he did with the acclaimed My Life in Heavy Metal and the bestselling Candyfreak--to be one of the most original writers of our time.

Pre-order it now.
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Million Writers Awards Top Ten Announced
For more details and to vote on the best story of 2004, go to StorySouth.

Terry Bisson "Super 8" (
Jai Clare "Bone on Bone" (Agni)
Xujun Eberlein "Second Encounter" (Paumanok Review)
Alicia Gifford "Toggling the Switch" (Narrative Magazine)
Richard Grayson "Branch Libraries of Southeastern Brooklyn" (Fiction Warehouse)
Trebor Healey "The Mercy Seat" (Blithe House Quarterly)
Dave Housley "Ryan Seacrest Is Famous" (Barrelhouse)
Joan Shaddox Isom "Remade Tobacco" (Eclectica Magazine)
Corey Mesler "Madame Sabat's Grave" (Pindeldyboz)
Chika Unigwe "Dreams" (Eclectica Magazine)
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