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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
That Gladrag Razzmatazz
Bob Arter's collected works are now available in a beatiful book published by LitPot Press. Editors of many literary magazines came together to collect Bob's work and introduce their favorite stories. Included in the volume are Rembembering Elizabeth (introduced by Dave Clapper) and Back Home (introduced by Kathy Fish), both of which first appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly. Books are available for $12.00 to US customers, $15.00 for non-US. Quantities are very limited, so order yours ASAP.

US orders
Non-US orders

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
SmokeLong Annual 2004-2005
SmokeLong Annual 2004-2005 is now available for sale. It's currently available at cost (well, at CafePress's cost), which is $15.04. We may raise the prices of both Annuals after writers have had a chance to get a copy.

There are 89 stories by (and interviews with) 78 writers in this year's edition. 268 perfect-bound pages. Cover features miniature versions of each of Marty Ison's covers from the past year.

SmokeLong Annual 2004-2005 can be ordered here.
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Friday, August 05, 2005
I've never really compiled reports on what our page views were like for SmokeLong from issue to issue, and it seems like that'd be a good thing to know. Unfortunately, it looks like I can only go back a year, so stats prior to Issue Six are lost to us now. Bleah. But, for my own edification, and in case some folks are actually interested in this stuff, I'm gonna throw the stats up here now for issues six through eight, and will put up stats for nine about a week after ten goes live (and then for ten after eleven goes live, etc.). I want to get a handle on what our growth looks like. So... here goes.

Issue Six (live from 10/15/04-12/14/04, last of bi-monthly issues)
10/15-10/31: 9520 page views
11/1-11/30: 14718 page views
12/1-12/14: 8991 page views
Total Issue 6: 33229 page views
Issue Seven (live from 12/15/04-3/14/05)
12/15-12/31: 12211 page views
1/1-1/31: 24961 page views
2/1-2/28: 24718 page views
3/1-3/14: 16483 page views
Total Issue 7: 78373 page views
Issue Eight (live from 3/15/05-6/14/05)
3/15-3/31: 20670 page views
4/1-4/30: 34006 page views
5/1-5/31: 33949 page views
6/1-6/14: 14872 page views
Total Issue 8: 103497 page views
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