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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2004
Two stories from SmokeLong were selected as notable stories of 2004 in StorySouth's Million Writers Awards. They are Instructions for a Son upon Finding Something of his Father's by Robert S. Jersak and Not the Real Jesus Christ by Bob Thurber. The full list of winners is:

"In Search Of" by Sarah Layden

Absinthe Literary Review
"Bonsai" by Alexandra Fox

Adirondack Review
"Adjustments" by Jared Hegwood

"Bone on Bone" by Jai Clare
"Strange Fruit" by Monica Arac de Nyeko

Arriviste Press
"One Way or The Other" by Avital Gad-Cykman

The Barcelona Review
"Fatso" by Leelila Strogov
"Just Don't Take the Little I Got" by Eduardo Antonio Parra (Christopher Winks, translator)

"Ryan Seacrest is Famous" by Dave Housley

Bullfight Review
"The Earhart-Knievel Party in Room 306" by Lee Klein

Blithe House Quarterly: queer fiction lives here
"Christmas In A Minor Key" by Allison Burnett
"The Mercy Seat" by Trebor Healey
"Personal" by Kurt Heintz
"Time, Desire, and Fog" by Etel Adnan

"Whenever Part of You Breaks" by Anne Leigh Parish

"Dragons" by Laura Anne Gilman

"Stolen Biography of a Father" by Valeria Vegas

dead drunk dublin
"The Annihilation of the Spectator" by Sean Brijbasi

Dead Mule
"The Last Ride of General Lee" by Elizabeth Roberts-Hamel
"The Vampire Tibbles," James Quiggle,

"Mr. Crow" by Jonathan Redhorse
first part: 
second part:

Drunken Boat
"From Me Then to You Now" by David Barringer

Eclectica Magazine
"Dreams" by Chika Unigwe
"Errand" by David Taylor
"The Boy From Bul" by Sylvia Petter
"One Day in the Life of Irene Dennison" by Dennis Kaplan
"A Proctor is More Than Just a Reader" by Aaron Sitze
"Publisher" by Corey Mesler
"Remade Tobacco" by Joan Shaddox Isom
"The Ride Home" by Siew Siang Tay
"Sleight of Hand" by Dennis Tafoya
"Thinking of Angel" by Chika Unigwe
"Trash" by David LeMaste

Exquisite Corpse
"The Crowd Forms" by Ali Fahmy
"Midnights" by Jim Hazard

"From the Journal of Mike Shipley, Unfit Parent" by Randall DeVallance
"The Truth About Belafonte Garcia" by Jamie Allen
"Variations on a Party" by Charles Ullmann
"How to Seduce the Woman of Your Dreams & Make Her Yours Forever" by Scott Bryan Wilson

"Sunshine Over Helsinki" by Michael Hartford
"This Is What Gets Me" by Courtney Weber

Fiction Attic
"Merciless Daylight" by Michelle Tea

Fiction Warehouse
"Branch Libraries of Southeastern Brooklyn" by Richard Grayson
"Bulldozer" by Alex Shishin
"Charity" by Stephen Anderson
"Dear Jenks" by Melissa Checker
"Scratch" by Sean Conway
"Vacation" by Johanna Pirko

Fortean Bureau
"Another Hollywood Miracle" by Marissa K. Lingen

FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry
"Arctic Mint Whip" by Philip Alexander

Gator Springs
"Karma" by Susan O'Neil
"Riley's Shoes" by Bob Arter

Gowanus Books
"Mr. Gurupadam's Affair" by Shireen Joanna

Hardluck Stories
"Keely Sings the Blues" by Sarah Weinman

"The Novelist" by Tao Lin
The Apothecary by Alan Danzis

Identity Theory
"Curfew" by Ismet Prcic
"Just Like Normal Girls" by Kati Bambrick
"Obedience" by Michelle Richmond

Infinity Plus
"Songs of Leaving," Peter Crowther

In Posse Review
Beds by Cheryl Kidder

Kennesaw Review
"Waiting for the Abductor" by David LeMaster

The King's English
"Wednesday" by A'Dora Phillips
"Wonder" by S. M.R. Saia
"Escape Velocities" by Jim Snowden

Literal Latte
"Just Life, Not Tragedy" by Susan Morehouse

Literary Mama
"Dad, In Red" by Sonya Huber
"The Dogs of Sayulita" by J.D. Munro
"Wild, Wild Horses" by Mary Akers

Lit Pot
"Dr Dick Somebody" Marc Phillips

Me Three
"Crank Call" by Thomas J. Hubschman

Mississippi Review
"ARSe Poetica" by Adrian Louis
"The Cool Aunt" by Laura Ellen Scott
"Jaws" by Julia Elliott

"My Life at the New York Post" by Richard Grayson
"Social Contract" by Stephen Elliott

Narrative Magazine
"Diplomacy" by Don Lee
"Midland" by Rick Bass
"This Flesh, This Ghost" by Lynn Freed
"Toggling the Switch" by Alicia Gifford

The New Yinzer
"I, Rhonda, Keep Track of the Family Calendar," by David C. Madden
"Hush" by Bruce Miller

Outsider Ink
"Axl Akbar" by Sarah Kendzior
"The Blue Bridge" by Marshall Moore

(parenthetical note)
"High School Progress Reports Found on the Photocopier" by Julianne Flynn

Paumanok Review
"Black and White" by Brian Howell
"Second Encounter" by Xujun Eberlein

"Bing Crosby Dreaming at the Lamp Post Inn" by Elizabeth Ellen
"Bridges" by Myfanwy Collins
"Madame Sabat's Grave" by Corey Mesler
"Monopoly" by Claudia Smith
"Reality Check on Register Two" by Edmund Schubert
"They" by Tara Laskowski

Plaztik Press Literary Magazine
"The Story of Her Breasts" by Kirsten Menger-Anderson

Plots with Guns
"Hilly Palmer's Last Case" by Duane Swierczynski
"Folk Hero" by Laura Ellen Scott

"The Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need" by Susan Lantz

The Quarterly Staple
"Heat of the Moment" by Richard Grayson

Reflection's Edge
"Possession" by Joshua Moses

Retort Magazine
"When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot," by Robert Levin

Rouse Magazine
"Mohammad's Therapy Monkey" by Richard Grayson
"Anda's Game" by Cory Doctorow
"This Tragic Glass" by Elizabeth Bear
"Super 8" by Terry Bisson
"The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid" by Walter Jon Williams
"The Wolf-man of Alcatraz" by Howard Waldrop

"Pushkin on the Night Before the Duel" by Wes Kline
SHOTS Magazine
"Down to the River" by David White

Shred of Evidence
"Game On" by Iain Rowan
"Geoffrey Says" by Aliya Whiteley

Small Spiral Notebook
"How to Be a Good Daughter" by Jill Carroll
"They Don't Make Nostalgia Like They Used To" by Richard Grayson

Smokelong Quarterly
"Instructions for a Son upon Finding Something of his Father's" by Robert S. Jersak
"Not the Real Jesus Christ" by Bob Thurber

Socialist Review
"'Tis the Season" by China Mieville

Spillway Review
"Losing the Sundowner" by Stephen Ausherman

Spoiled Ink
"Judges Of Julliard" by Adam Crowley
"Nine Motives" by Franklin Fisher
"Ringroad to Immolation" by Tom Sykes

Stickman Review
"The Devil's Coach-Horse" by Neil Grimmett

Strange Horizons
"The Grammarian's Five Daughters" by Eleanor Arnason
"Hold Tight" by Gavin Grant

The Summerset Review
"Anywhere" by Michael F. Smith
"At Home In The Antipodes" by William Starr Moake
"El Paraiso" by Mark Vender
"Morning on Carre Quitana" by Julie Ann Castro

Taint Magazine
"Muddy Waters" by Peter Markus

Three Candles
"First Thing in the Morning" by Peggy Duffy

Thieves Jargon
"Cathy's Clown" by Jeff T. Kane

The Thrilling Detective Web Site
"God's Dice" by David White

"Banjo" by Tom Sheehan
"Johnson's March" by Kyle Killen
"Confessions of a Serial Dater" by Harris Bloom

Velvet Mafia
"Eaters of Elevation" by Steve Berman
"Rumford's Fluid" by Sean Meriwether

View Unplugged
"Look at Me Now" by Thomas J Hubschman
"Rain in My Heart" by Anjana Basu

Weekly Reade
"My Father Dancing with Marlene Dietrich" by Michael A. Rauch
NOTE: This story is a PDF download.

Word Riot
"Bio Clock and Nutty Photos" by Julie Shapiro
"The Twins That Burn Eternity Into Your Soul" by Robert Vivian
"The Waking" by Felicia C. Sullivan
"Gather and Sing" by Willie Davis
"Sour Milk" by Wayne Bowman
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Monday, February 07, 2005
New Look for SmokeLong
At long last, the re-formatting of all of SmokeLong's old pages is complete and our new look is live to the general public. We hope you'll like the new look and find it easy to navigate, in addition to taking advantage of Marty D. Ison's incredible artwork to present a site that looks as good as it reads. It's been a long time coming. With Kathy Fish overseeing submissions, Randall Brown taking charge of interviews and additional features, Marty continuing to provide beautiful art, and some of the world's best writers of short, short fiction providing great reading, we were long overdue to present all of their work in the manner it deserved. Hopefully, with the new design, we've come close to this goal. Thanks for continuing to support SmokeLong. We look forward to continuing to bring you the best flash fiction found on the web.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
NOVEL: A Living Installation at Flux Factory
Flux Factory
38-38 43rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
For more information contact:

The Show
From May 7th until June 4th, 2005 Flux Factory, Inc. will lock up three novelists in individual cubicles built in the Flux gallery in Long Island City. The writers will be let out for short periods each day in order to use the bathroom, shower, etc. The rest of the time they will remain in their respective cubicles and will have food, snacks, and supplies provided for them while they embark on the process of writing a complete novel. Public readings of the novels-in-process will be held every Saturday evening. There will also be several public viewing times/press briefings at other times during the week. On June 4th, each writer will emerge from his or her cubicle, having each finished one novel, composed entirely within the cubicle.

The three cubicles will be constructed by artists/architects from their own designs and in collaboration with the novelists. Each cubicle will reflect the specific needs and interests of the individual writers. These cubicles address complex issues of design and desire, space (or lack thereof) and how a complete room in which someone can live comfortably for an entire month can be built.

NOVEL takes the isolation of the writer to a rather extreme conclusion in order to investigate what will be produced under those conditions. But, just as writing is solitary, it is also a performance. The writer, sitting alone, is always conscious of an audience, whoever that may be. NOVEL combines the private and public aspects of writing in a striking way. The goal for NOVEL is to facilitate the production of quality fiction and explore the act of writing itself as a performance, installation, and kinetic, living sculpture.

Additional Events
In a continued attempt to make transparent the issues of contemporary literature, a discussion about the current state of the novel will be held at Flux Factory on May 21st. Writers Myla Goldberg (Bee Season), Tom Bissell (Chasing the Sea), and J.M. Tyree will be among the panel members.

The Writers

Laurie Stone is author of Starting with Serge (Doubleday, 1990), Close to the Bone (Grove, 1997), and Laughing in the Dark (Ecco, 1997). A longtime writer for the Village Voice (1975-99), she has been theater critic for The Nation, critic-at-large on NPR's Fresh Air, and a regular writer for Ms., New York Woman, and Viva. She has received grants from NYFA, The Kittredge Foundation, the MacDowell Colony, Poets & Writers, and in 1996 she won the Nona Balakian prize in excellence in criticism from the National Book Critics Circle.

Ranbir Sidhu is a recipient of a Pushcart Prize in fiction and his work has appeared in The Georgia Review, The Missouri Review, Zyzzyva, Other Voices, Press and a Houghton-Mifflin college reader among other publications. Trained as an archaeologist, he has worked in California, Nevada, Israel and France. One of his finds, a 3,000-year-old woman, made cover skeleton of Biblical Archaeology Review. Most recently, he worked for the United Nations in Sri Lanka as a communications consultant.

Grant Baille is a Cleveland-based writer and artist. A contributor to McSweeney's, Night Train, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Zygote in My Coffee among others, Grant's novel Cloud 8 was published in 2003 by Ig Publishing. His work was selected for honors by the Writers & Poets League of Greater Cleveland and he had been a featured speaker and reader at book events in the US and Canada. His paintings have been exhibited at William Busta Gallery and Joyce Porcelli Gallery.

Flux Factory is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Hobart #4 release party
If you are anywhere near Seattle Hobart urges you, with everything they can muster to make it out to their Hobart #4 Launch Party on Feb. 7th at the University Bookstore. It will feature Hobart #4 guest editor Ryan Boudinot, as well as contributors Brian Ames, Ray Vukcevich, Heidi Barack and Matthew Simmons. If you attend, they guarantee a great time. GUARANTEE!
More info here.
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