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Saturday, March 21, 2009
Smoking with our Kathy Fish Fellow
Find out all you'd want to know (and more!) about our new Kathy Fish Fellow, Tara Laskowski. Click here.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Issue 24 is live!
Issue Twenty-FourIssue Twenty-Four (March 18, 2009): Barista by Sarah Black «» Night Vision by Edmond Caldwell «» Star Man by Bill Cook «» Bluegills by Thomas Cooper «» Seattle GymnopĂ©die by Scott Garson «» One Night at Crobar by Shane Goth «» Scrapple by Tiff Holland «» What If The Dungeon Closes by Tim Jones-Yelvington «» Toes by Darby Larson «» The Hamster by Tara Laskowski «» I Use Commas like Ninja Stars by Samuel Lee «» Dirtclouds by Charles Lennox «» Moat by Ravi Mangla «» A Witnessing at the K&W Cafeteria by Heather McDonald «» Roots by Jen Michalski «» Turtle Creek by Gregory Napp «» Prey by Susannah Pabot «» By Saturday, We'd Be Singing by John Riley «» At the Foot of the Mountain by Ania Vesenny «» Interviews: Sarah Black «» Edmond Caldwell «» Bill Cook «» Thomas Cooper «» Scott Garson «» Shane Goth «» Tiff Holland «» Tim Jones-Yelvington «» Darby Larson «» Tara Laskowski «» Samuel Lee «» Charles Lennox «» Ravi Mangla «» Heather McDonald «» Jen Michalski «» Gregory Napp «» Susannah Pabot «» John Riley «» Ania Vesenny «» Cover Art "No. 41 - 2007" by Marty D. Ison «» Letter From the Editor


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stats for issue 23
Issue Twenty-Three (live from 12/15/08-3/17/09)
12/15/2008-12/31/2008: 63272 page views
1/1/2009-1/31/2009: 107988 page views
2/1/2009-2/28/2009: 93384 page views
3/1/2009-3/17/2009: 46868 page views
TOTAL Page Views: 311,512 page views

That's pretty comparable to where we've been recently, and assuming page views only held steady from that for the year ahead rather than increasing (as I think they will), we'd end the year at over 1.2 million page views, about 20% higher than we saw in 2008.

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Top Ten Page Views for February 2009
I waited a while to post stats, both because this has been a very busy month, but more because I wanted Bob's Howl to stay atop the page as long as possible. With a new issue coming out today, though, it's time to catch up a bit. February was another big month of StumbleUpon hits, as several people there really liked Kinsella's latest offering and sent a lot of traffic our way.

1. (2) Phoenix by W.P. Kinsella (12/15/08)
2. (7) Ten Very Short Stories by John Leary (3/15/07)
3. (5) Ants by David Aichenbaum (12/15/08)
4. (NR) Pornography by Steve Almond (6/15/05)
5. (8) The World Before This One by Jon Chopan (12/15/08)
6. (NR) Potatoes by Spencer Wise (12/15/08)
7. (9) Earthrise by Christopher Bundy (12/15/08)
8. (NR) She Doesn't Ask Where He Goes by Stefanie Freele (12/15/08)
9. (10) Ghost Bike by Thomas Cooper (12/15/08)
10. (NR) Shadows by Sherrie Flick (12/15/08)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Howl for Bob Arter
Yesterday, I learned that the world lost one of its most beautiful people over the weekend. Bob Arter was, for me, a bit of a mentor, probably without his even realizing it. He was the guest editor of the 17th issue of SmokeLong. As a quadriplegic (due to a surfing accident in 1973), he had to write or type using an instrument held in his mouth. Despite that, he offered line by line edits on hundreds of the submissions that came in for that issue, making us see beauty in pieces we might have more easily passed over. I don't think the writers who submitted for that issue realize how much love Bob put into reading their submissions.

He also NEVER talked about his condition. He wasn't embarrassed by it, but he just wasn't interested in calling attention to it. He was gregarious and met several folks from the Zoetrope community in person. It was only through those meetings that others of us ever learned of how he lived his life day to day.

Tonight, around the world, dozens of writers who loved Bob will be reading pieces of his outdoors, howling at the moon, drinking toasts to him. Maryanne Stahl came up with the idea, and folks immediately jumped on board. Won't you all join us in reading, howling, and drinking to Bob tonight? I'd like to think he'll hear us.

If you have your own favorite piece of Bob's, have at it. If not, here are links to several of his stories:

And the Sun Soared from the Sea, Oh Me! (Painted Moon Review)
Back Home (SmokeLong)
The Big Texan (FRiGG)
Chitlins (SmokeLong)
Dancing with Anthony (Pindeldyboz)
Grace (LitPot)
The Gown (Opium)
Holiday (Mississippi Review)
How I Came to Love the Godless Eskimo (Opium)
I Went to Barnes, I Went to Noble (LitPot)
Jenny Craig Confronts Lady Higgs-Boson (The God Particle)
L'Amour (Juked)
Mating (FRiGG)
My Mom's Prom (Pindeldyboz)
Nice Easy (Mad Hatters Review)
The Old Folks (Juked)
Paper Mouse (SmokeLong)
Pictures of You (FRiGG)
Psyche Asea (Gator Springs Gazette)
Remembering Elizabeth (SmokeLong)
Riley's Shoes (Gator Springs Gazette)
Sinker in the Hole (Hobart)
The Spaceman (Night Train)
The Star (Hobart)
Survivor's Assistance (Zoetrope All-Story Extra)
That Gladrag Razzmatazz (Absinthe Literary Review)
The Trouble with Fishing (Quintessence... you can't see the text unless you highlight it all, as this is an archived page that has lost its original dark background)
The Wind (Juked)

We love you, Bob. May you rest in peace, finally free of pain.


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