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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The Stats Game

So I was trolling around our fancy web site stats page this afternoon. I will admit that I am fascinated by these things. It's kind of fun to generate all kinds of reports and figure out who's reading our site, how often they're reading it, and where they're coming from.

For example, though our readers our by far mostly from the United States, we have had more that 8,000 views from France so far this year. (Merci!) This is followed up by China and the United Kingdom, with our Canadian neighbors coming in at a disappointing #8.

But by far the most entertaining items to look at on our stats page are the phrases people type into search engines that lead them to our page. Here are some of my favorite phrases people searched for and then used to stumble upon a SmokeLong web page:

"the girl and the snake" (23 visits)
"how long to smoke" (9 visits)
"green monster weed" (12 visits)
"best flash fiction" (20 visits)
"smokelong aquarium" (23 visits)
"steve almond pornography" (13 visits)
"kay sexton glamour model" (4 visits)
"no bras no panties" (4 visits)
"men in hot tubs" (4)
"hot fat mom tub" (4)
"fat guys in a tub" (4)
"taco foot" (3)
"ellen parker clothes" (2)
"sweater nipples" (2)

I'm guessing that some of these people did not really find what they were looking for, but I guess you never know. :-)
posted by Tara Laskowski at 2:19 PM  1 comments

Friday, June 11, 2010
New Leadership at SmokeLong... and Other News
There are changes a-brewin' at SmokeLong, and we thought we'd fill you in on them.


While Dave Clapper is still founder, publisher and downright genius, he has decided to step down from the day-to-day editorial decisions at SmokeLong.

That leaves us — Tara Laskowski and Beth Thomas — taking over as senior editors. We are handling the scheduling of our guest editors for SmokeLong Weekly (more on that in a minute), publication of SmokeLong Quarterly, general communication, and working directly with our contributors. We will also populate this blog more often with news, interviews and other features.

Meg Pokrass, our solicitations editor, is handling special collaborations with authors, as well as features, interviews and multi-media presentations sure to dazzle and amaze. And we are blessed with wonderful staff editor and copy editor in Davin Malasarn.

Find out more than you needed to know about all of us here:


We are now publishing stories weekly as well as quarterly. SmokeLong Weekly started earlier this year, with the intention of diversifying our publishing voice while spicing up our publication calendar.

For SmokeLong Weekly, we bring in a new guest editor every few weeks to read our submissions and choose one story from their week for publication. This has been a great way to get different voices and more variety in SLQ, as each guest editor brings their own unique aesthetic and style to the table.

As the year goes on, we will feature guest editors each month as well as SLQ "Staff Picks." We have posted a schedule of our upcoming editorial calendar below and will update it as we go so you can know who is reading when and target your submission accordingly. You can always check our web site for a photo and bio of the current week's reader.


We are also still publishing our regular quarterly issues and hope to have the latest quarterly at the end of this month. The quarterlies will include all weekly stories from that quarter plus additional stories and interviews.

We are very excited about the changes at SLQ, and we are pleased to be part of a journal that consistently publishes some of the finest very short fiction out there.

Questions, concerns, compliments and free stuff can be emailed to us at


With love,
Tara and Beth

SmokeLong Weekly Guest Editor Schedule

June 14: Erin Fitzgerald

June 21: Kelly Spitzer

June 28: Dave Clapper

July 5: SmokeLong Quarterly Staff Pick

July 12: Tara Masih

July 19: Tara Laskowski

posted by Tara Laskowski at 3:48 PM  1 comments

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